Registration is now closed

Here is how it works:

  • Only 125 runners will be admitted to the race.
  • Submit your pre-registration form (new spots will open in April 2021).
  • 50 runners will be chosen based on their previous accomplishments. They will be announced as soon as they are chosen.
  • 75 others will be picked from the remaining registrants. They will have 48 hours to confirm their registration or their spot will be offered to another runner.
  • Pre-registration fee is CAD$20 and the official registration will be CAD$150 (non refundable).


Runners are entirely responsible for their food: snacks, energy drinks, meals, etc. Only water will be provided on site.

Runners will have space to install a tent (max 10×20) and their belongings.

A toilet will be available.

They can be accompanied by a team that can offer them comfort and support.

When they abandon, participants will receive a DNF (Did Not Finish) sweater and a beer.

The winner will be able to register automatically and at no charge at Big’s Backyard Ultra in Tennessee. (In 2020, because of COVID, the “golden ticket” cannot be given).

Suggested equipment

  • Tent for shelter
  • Chair
  • Cooler
  • Blanket
  • Food and hydration drinks
  • Headlamp with spare battery

Pre-registration for the 2021 Big Wolf’s Backyard Ultra